Pelican UI Pelican icon
Metal cost Metal icon 45
Health points 90
Maximum range 0
Total damage/sec 0
Vision radius 70
Maximum speed 90
Acceleration 180
Braking rate 45
Turning rate 180
Number of weapons 0
Range -
Damage Damage/sec -
Single shot damage -
Rate of fire -/sec
Splash Area damage -
Damage radius -
Muzzle velocity -
Energy consumption/shot Energy icon -
Build points 0
Metal consumption Metal icon 0/s
Energy consumption Energy icon 0/s
Energy production Energy icon 0/s
Stats are relative to the build 71937 of the game

Air transport - load a land unit for rapid long distance travel.

Description Edit

This unit is capable of transporting an other unit from one point to another. It's weak and has no offense or defensive system, so it has to be escorted with fighters.

Built by Edit

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