Air factory UI Air factory icon
Air factory
Air factory
Metal cost Metal icon 720
Health points 6000
Maximum range 0
Total damage/sec 0
Vision radius 100
Radar radius 0
Number of weapons 0
Range -
Damage Damage/sec -
Single shot damage -
Rate of fire -/sec
Splash Area damage -
Damage radius -
Muzzle velocity -
Ammo build cost Energy icon -
Ammo build time -min -sec
Build points 12
Metal consumption Metal icon -12/sec
Energy consumption Energy icon -675/sec
Metal production Metal icon 0
Energy production Energy icon 0
Metal storage Metal icon 0
Energy storage Energy icon 0
Stats are relative to the build 71937 of the game

Basic manufacturing - Builds air units.

Description Edit

The air factory is a basic building that can produce the following air-unit:

The building itself has no offensive or defensive system.

Built by Edit

It can be built by nearly all fabrication units:

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